Reception - Owls

We like to get stuck in! 

Our aim is to provide the children with a smooth (but exciting!) transition into school. We believe that if you sing, dance, look, touch, listen, play, make, explore, act, draw and sometimes get quite mucky, then you're learning lots.

Each week, we will email out a sheet outlining some of the things that your child will be doing and learning that week so you can talk to them about their learning at home. We love to hear about what your child has done at home so please share their achievements using a 'WOW' moment sheet. We will then be able to add these to their learning journeys.

The Owls have six topics over the course of the year. For more information about our Reception curriculum, please follow the link on the left to our curriculum page.

Our first topic is 'Marvellous Me!'. In this topic, we will think about how fabulous we are, transforming ourselves into superheroes and thinking about what we can do really well. We will also think about things that we do and don't like; reading 'Ketchup on Your Cornflakes' is a great way to explore combinations of things that we would and wouldn't eat or wear!

Using Ed Vere's 'Mr Big' lets us consider feelings and making friends. We spend quite a lot of time exploring different items of clothing. We will learn about patterns and use these to decorate a pair of pants that we will peg-up on a washing-line display.

What does happen to all of the odd socks? How tall can you make your rhyming hat? One thing's for sure, we'll have great fun finding out!

Here are some websites that you and your child might like to look at together:

Useful documents: