Wraparound Care

Our after school provision, known as the 5:20 Club, is very popular and a great facility for children whose parents are unable to collect them at the end of the day. The club is open to all ages and runs from Monday to Friday, 3.30 to 5.20 pm. The children enjoy a range of activities including art and craft, games, puzzles, computers, gardening and outdoor play. Mr Lockwood and Mrs Claydon run the club, with support from other staff if numbers require. The cost is nominally £6 a session.  However, if a child attends a chargeable activity at school first, the charge is reduced by the cost of that prior activity. If the child is collected by 4.00 pm the charge is reduced to £1.50, or £3.00 if the child is collected by 4.30 pm.

Please see the Wraparound Care Provision Procedures for full details.


We now offer Breakfast Club daily from 8:00 am (£4.50 per session, including breakfast if required) or daily from 8:30am (cost £1.50 per session: food not available). Please speak to Mr Lockwood, either by email, nlockwood@thebridgefederation.org or in person before school, if you would like more information.