Year 4 - Buzzards

Welcome to the Buzzards Class Page.

Year 4 is an important, exciting and fulfilling step on your child's journey through Salehurst C.E. School. Our aim in Year 4 is to increase the children's confidence, both in terms of their learning skills and emotional resilience.

In Year 4, every child is given the opportunity to meet their potential across the curriculum at their own pace. We provide rich learning opportunities that stimulate and broaden the children's knowledge, skills and understanding.

Our curriculum is topic based. This year our topics include:  Ancient Egypt, Rainforests and Natural Disasters.

We aim to include an educational visit or enrichment day for each topic which will immerse the children in their learning.

In Year 4, we encourage independence of thought, word and deed so that the children become confident, positive individuals who are ready to tackle the rigours of Year 5 and 6!